Maria Dubiel Nursery of fruit trees and bushes is a family enterprise that has been founded in 1980s.

Thanks to many years of experience and extensive knowledge as a producer of fruit trees and bushes, we offer a wide selection of species and varieties. We work with numerous garden malls and stores, therefore we deliver high quality materials.

We also provide retail sale and wholesale of our trees. Moreover, in order to provide you with a wide selection of products, we are constantly expanding our product range with new species.

The main motto of our nursery is to ensure the highest quality, which is why we offer you only proven and healthy nursery material, which is easy to grow, resistant and yields abundant crops. We want our offer of trees and bushes to meet all of your expectations.

What differentiates our nursery are affordable prices, both in wholesale and retail.

There is also the possibility of budding and grafting trees according to individual orders.

is not only our work, but also our passion, which we are constantly developing.